Welcome to Stratum 4’s website.  We are a professional consultancy assisting clients with engineering intelligent industrial automation systems and services.

Iintelligent automation (IA) systems serve a wide range of industries, generally providing adaptive monitoring, supervisory and regulatory control of enterprise value production processes.

IA relies on advanced computational science and engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), secure time-sensitive networks, and data analytics to provide integrated data acquisition, analysis, decision and control applications.  Often coupled with legacy process control systems, IA systems are evolving into integrated configurations organized around Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT, “Industry 4.0”) devices and large-scale Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) principles.

IA systems and services operate within and across supply chains defining Decentralized Industrial Organizations (DIO) that employ, among other advanced technologies, distributed ledger technology (DLT, e.g., blockchains), smart contracts and, in some cases, monetized by cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin).  

IA/AI systems are intelligent (cognitive) to the degree they maintain awareness of, and predictable performance in response to, a range of unfolding situations.  IA systems may be stationary or mobile, whether their functions are embedded as components in other systems, or operate as “end systems” at the edge of large-scale cloud-hosted service systems.

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As a professional practice, Stratum 4 offers CTO-class insights and experience concerning training, design, development and deployment of sophisticated automation systems informed by systems science (cybernetics), data sciences (e.g., in silico discovery based on analytics applied to very large datasets), distributed systems (e.g., secure, real-time, high performance and high availability computing, storage and communication systems), and applied mathematics (e.g., probabilistic system modeling, simulation, and visualization).

Stratum 4 is dedicated to assisting clients with strategy, design, development, operation and maintenance of intelligent products and service systems.

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