Welcome to Stratum 4’s website.  We are a professional consultancy dedicated to assisting industrial clients with innovation in the digital age, providing advice in the engineering of their intelligent automation products, systems and services.

Complementary IA systems and services improve operational efficiency and productivity in a broad range of industrial settings, automating the monitoring, supervision and regulatory control of real and synthetic value production processes.

Intelligence in IA systems relies on computational science and engineering, applied artificial intelligence (AI, e.g., pattern matching), secure time-sensitive networks, and data analytics to enable agile (real-time) data management, situation assessment, decision and control applications.

When coupled to legacy business and manufacturing configurations, IA systems provide secure, distributed, time-critical automation solutions able to utilize intelligent Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices coupled to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

IA solutions enable enterprises to operate as agile Decentralized Industrial Organizations (DIO) participating in supply chains.  They function collaboratively in permissioned peer-peer value-production networks without a central authority, employing advanced digital AI technologies as members of supply chain management regimes, employing shared datasets (e.g., data warehouses and distributed ledgers), agreeing on cybersecurity policies and mechanisms (e.g., cryptography), with behaviors qualified by shared operational logic (e.g.,  smart contracts.)  

DIO and their IA subsystems systems are intelligent (i.e., cognitive) to the degree they continuously maintain awareness of, and predictable performance in response to, a range situations unfolding within their ecosystem.  DIO may be stationary or mobile in cyberspace-time, whether their services are embedded as components in other systems, or operated as independent “end systems” at the edge of large-scale cloud-hosted service systems.

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As a professional advisory practice, Stratum 4 provides fractional CTO-class experience and capabilities related to technical due diligence (M&A), training, R&D partnerships, and program management.  Successful development and deployment of intelligent automation systems requires systems science (cybernetics), data science, distributed systems (secure, real-time, high performance and high availability computing, storage and communication systems), and applied mathematics (dynamic systems modeling, simulation, and visualization).

Stratum 4 is dedicated to assisting clients with strategy, design, development, operation and maintenance of intelligent products and service systems.

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