Stratum 4 LLC, established in 2016, is an industrial systems engineering consultancy for clients competing in the expanding global digital innovation economy.  Our services provide support for creating new or upgrading existing industrial automation products and services.

Intelligent systems and services incorporate cognitive computing concepts and technologies that permit products and service systems to exhibit qualities such as artificial intelligence, learning, adaptation, tolerance to faults, heightened security, trust, timeliness and predictable performance.  Stratum 4, acting as a trusted consultant to management or its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), advises on matters of corporate research and development related to the application of advanced computational science and technology associated with the conception and creation of increasingly intelligent products and service systems.

Dr. Bayne’s CV is here.

Selected professional recommendations:
I recommend Dr. Bayne for any role that requires deep technical insights in the broad area of cyber physical systems, technical leadership, technical innovation, and teaching. -- Dr. Sujeet Chand, CTO, Rockwell Automation
Dr. Bayne can insightfully be understood and respected as a cybernetics professional, a fundamental basis for what has relatively recently become known as cyber-physical systems. As CTO, for two decades he brought and applied that world view and its inter-disciplinary technologies to his leadership role in two of the world’s largest automation companies, and currently to his Stratum 4 consulting practice. -- Dr. E Douglas Jensen, Principal, Time-Critical Technologies
I have known and worked with Dr. Bayne for 7 years in the following capacities:  1) he served as a member of the Board of Directors for Dedicated Computing, a global Original Design Manufacturer of proprietary, highly engineered computational systems for OEM customers in Healthcare, Military, and Industrial Industries. In this role, he helped shape the company’s technology strategy. 2) Dedicated Computing was an early member of the Milwaukee Institute where Dr. Bayne worked tirelessly to help regional companies such as ours to gain the benefits of the Institute’s computational science capabilities and resources. And 3), Dr. Bayne and I both worked on behalf of Mason Wells, a Milwaukee-based private equity firm, where he provided consultation on a number of transaction-related activities and provided advisory services on technology strategy to the firm’s Investment Advisory Committee. -- Don Schlidt, CEO, Dedicated Computing
I have known and worked with Dr. Bayne for 5 years while he was at the Milwaukee Institute and in his capacity as a Research Professor at Marquette University. I have worked with him on developing and submitting research proposals to NSF and NIH in the areas of applications of high speed computing to problems in water quality, DNA analysis and control systems for hydraulic management in the Milwaukee watershed. -- Dr. David Garman, Associate Vice Chancellor, UWM

Note: Stratum 4 is a Wisconsin limited liability company that has subsumed the activities and intellectual property previously provided by Meta Command Systems, Inc., a retired Delaware-registered S-Corporation.

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